How much of Kratom you should take

Kratom is availed in several forms and each has different dosage. Some of the forms include:

Raw powder: this are kratom leaves which are dried then powdered.

Extracts: also called resin. The extract is made through boiling kratom leaves in either alcohol or water or even citrus liquid to make concentrated paste.

Capsules: the kratom capsules get filled with fusions, extracts or kratom powder. Kratom does not have such a good taste and so as to avoid such taste, most users go for capsules. They can be either vegetable cellulose or gelatin capsules. The capsules also are digestible easily and dissolve faster.

Beginners of kratom intake are highly advised to consider capsules since the effects with capsules are not as strong. When taking powder also consider mixing it with tea, coffee, fruit juice or any liquid. Extracts are recommended for kratom users who are experienced. The capsules are quite costly though.

How much of kratom should one take?

The dosage also apart from form of kratom depends on the expected experience whether instant energy, mental clarity or pain relief.

Kratom powder dose

Kratom powder can be taken as either grams and others prefer measuring it with teaspoons. Its always very important to measure accurately the dosage we should prevent especially a case of overdose as it has many risks attached to it. Try using weighing scale to ensure precision. Avoid measuring dosage with eyes as kratom powder comes with effects like fatigue, irritability, vomiting and nausea.

Begin with a small dose upgrading gradually until after intake you get the presumed effect without side effects. To get best results from powder, below is a dosage for each benefit:

For focus and energy: 3grams to 6 grams daily is recommended. For better results, mix the powder with juice from grapefruit.

For pain and anxiety: 7 grams to 9 grams. Kratom powder gives users sedation and therefore to avoid sleeping, start with small doses.

For withdrawal from opiates: start off with 7grams to 9 grams three times daily for about three days. From day four go for 5 grams to 7 grams then day five do 3 grams to 5 grams and finish up with 2 grams only.

If using teaspoon, a tea spoon measure about 4.5 grams powder. With the above dosage measure.

How many capsules of kratom should one take?

Most users go for capsules because of the less intense effects and also because you will not need to measure which is at times a big hassle. Many availed capsules have powder between 500mg and 666mg. also you can get extra-large and jumbo capsules carrying 1000mg powder. Before purchase make sure you inquire from your vendor about the capsule size. It is from the size you will determine how many of the capsules should you take to meet the grams require. Above all, make sure you adhere to correct dosage despite of the form been used. Side effects from overdose are health hazardous.