Kratom potentiators for maximum euphoric effect

The naturally produced Organically Purified Mytragyna Speciosa, opms gold kratom is highly valuable and has numerous uses in beauty, health, and other industries. Users can also potentiate kratom powder to improve its efficiency. To achieve this one can blend the powder with special herbs to increase the synergistic effect. The resultant product has a powerful effect and only requires one to use small doses.

What are the additives that potentiate kratom?

Grapefruit is one of the potentiators which produce optimal results. The juice from the fruit and the peels, when combined with kratom, reduces the bitter taste. The extract contains chemicals which aid in the increased metabolism of kratom alkaloids when they mix with digestive enzymes in the alimentary canal. Tumeric also helps in improving the euphoric effect of kratom. Additionally, cayenne pepper boosts the effects of kratom especially by mixing it with dry kratom. Watercress, a unique type of lettuce produces minerals which maximize the potency of kratom.

Drugs which potentiate the effects of Kratom

The use of a combination of kratom and certain drugs increases tolerance and effectiveness of the product. Some of them are Tianeptine which leads to optimal potency with quality euphoric effects after administering the dosage. Diphenhydramine is known for acting as a sedative hence improving the kratom effect. Acetaminophen which is a widely used painkiller enhances the analgesic and pain-relieving properties of kratom. Another kratom potentiator is Agmatine. When administered together with kratom, it controls addictions. Other drugs which you can use include Phenibut, Cimetidine and much more.

What are the Supplements that potentiate kratom effect?

Magnesium tops the list since it reduces the excessive use of kratom. The combination relieves symptoms such as constipation. Valerian root combined with strains of kratom which regulate sleeping disorders resulting in peaceful nights. Users can also combine coffee with kratom hence leading to increased mental clarity, concentration and alertness. Another supplement known as Cat’s claw produces alkaloids which have similar effects with those in kratom. It is applicable with almost all the strains of kratom hence potentiating the euphoric effects of the product.

What is the science behind the functioning of potentiators?

The central principle that the different potentiators apply is by target the cytochrome P-450 enzyme hence controlling the metabolism of kratom alkaloids within the body. The catalytic activity of P-450 enzyme slows down when it interacts with the different potentiators. It, therefore, increases the efficacy of kratom. The euphoric effect results from the slow but sure metabolism of kratom when taken in small doses. When the dosage is in large amounts without potentiators, the need to make increasing amounts over short intervals is the only way to experience high potency.

Precautions when potentiating kratom?

It is important to note that you should only take kratom 30-45 minutes after consuming the additional potentiators. Moreover, it is advisable that you take one potentiator with kratom. Consuming many potentiators at once followed by kratom may result in adverse effects.